iCap Finn Hill LLC

Fund: Fund 1, iCap Pacific Northwest Opportunity & Income Fund LLC

Fund: Fund 2, iCap Northwest Opportunity Fund LLC

Location: 11907 84th Avenue NE, Kirkland, WA 98034

Description: The acquisition of a single lot and the subsequent subdivision, development, and construction of eight single family residences. The property is located in the Finn Hill neighborhood and some of the homes will have views of Lake Washington.

Investment Date Fund 1: 10/29/2015

Investment Date Fund 2: 2/2/2016

Estimated Exit: 6/30/2019

Investment Amount to Date Fund 1: $1,334,842.54

Investment Amount to Date Fund 2: $1,039,481.37

Q1 2019 Progress Update: The two remaining homes are listed for sale. We anticipate having them sold by the end of Q2.

Finn Heights Lot6 Plan C-1.jpg
Jami Stevenson