Some of the most interesting capital investments can be found in the world of real estate. But often, small to medium sized builders have trouble securing the financing they need to make those investments and reap the rewards.

That’s where iCap Equity comes in. We bridge the gap between accredited investors and successful builders, allowing deals to be realized that otherwise wouldn’t happen. With a history of fruitful investments, quality partners, and carefully vetted projects, iCap Equity connects investors and builders to make deals possible.


GIF depicting 86.5 million dollars of cash equity investment made to date

Cash equity investments made to date

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Number of properties invested to date

GIF depicting 1134 investors to date

Total number of investors to date


What makes iCap Equity different?

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Real Estate Expertise

While other private equity firms focus on multiple lines of business, iCap Equity focuses on one thing: real estate. Through strategic partnerships and deep-rooted expertise, we connect developers, builders and investors to a range of services that help make the development process more simple, flexible, and powerful.

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Market Knowledge

Because of our extensive experience, we can design our investments to adjust to changing market conditions. Our partners have the construction expertise to evaluate and manage all phases of construction and development projects, helping builders structure financing and establish strong exit strategies.

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Nimble Financing

Our team consists of industry leading attorneys, accountants, and real estate professionals who have successfully structured hundreds of real estate transactions. Each iCap investment forms a limited liability company, designed to expedite investments and get construction started.

In addition to the points above, our team of seasoned accounting professionals are able to provide full service accounting, record keeping, and tax preparation to support your project needs.