iCap Equity

Powerful funding tools for real estate projects

The iCap Equity Difference

Industry Expertise

The iCap team is unique, because our team members have extensive industry experience in construction, development, legal and accounting, and not just in investing.

Exit Strategies

iCap invests in asset classes with multiple potential exit strategies to be able to adjust to changing market conditions.

Smart Structure

Each iCap investment is made into a newly formed limited liability company created for the purpose of finishing the specific real estate project.


iCap not only evaluates and funds projects quickly, but also helps plan the overall financial structure of the projects.


Meet the iCap Equity Team

What We Provide

Cash Equity

iCap provides the cash equity needed for real estate projects. Banks and lenders love us, because we help borrowers meet their lending requirements.


We purchase properties and engage experienced development and construction teams to design and complete quality projects.

Investor Information

Through our investor portal we are able to share the latest information on fund performance.